After Scabies Red Itchy Spots On Skin, How to Remove It With Natural Products

If you have red spots on the skin and the spots are itchy, you may have scabies. The skin infection caused by tiny mite called scabiei. This microscopic parasite can cause enormous skin itch. Unlike demodex mites, scabies skin infection can be transmitted to other peoplet. Therefore, if you notice red spots on the skin and it itches, please, see your doctor right away.

So, what is scabies and how humans get infected with scabies? – The female scabies can lay about 10 to 30 eggs under the skin. It takes few days for the eggs to hatch and about two weeks for scabies to become adults. There are different theories of how person can get infected with scabies. Most proven one is that people can get scabies from bed sheets, pillows or clothing infested with the mites, but this way of contamination is very rear. Usually, people get scabies from a direct skin contact.

The symptoms of scabies may resemble to demodex (demodicosis) the skin infection caused by demodex mites: red papules, skin rash, itchiness are very similar to demodicosis. Visiting your family doctor and have yourself tested for demodex mites is a must as soon as you notice the dermatitis like condition on your skin.

The difference between demodex and scabies are the body parts which these two skin mites target. If demodex usually appears on the facial skin, eyelashes, eyebrows and the scalp. The scabies are more often attack the armpits, the genital area, the inside of the elbow or back of the knee. If the skin itch caused by demodex mites increases at night and can ease at day time. The itching from scabies is persistent.

Very first symptoms of scabies should alarm you. Since scabies symptoms have allergic nature, if left without prompt and effective treatment, the infection caused by these parasites can affect the immune system of your skin. The type of scabies called the Norwegian scabies are the worst immunosuppressants.

The good news is that scabies can be effectively treated . There are different prescription and over the counter anti scabies medications available. While treating scabies and eliminating the skin rush caused by these mites, you need to remember that some anti scabies prescription ointments are highly toxic and can cause more harm than good to your skin. If used for long time, topical ointments with antibiotics and chemicals can suppress the immune system of your skin allow other skin mites – demodex, to breed without control. Oral anti scabies medication are chemical based and should only be used short period of time.

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