Will Tea Tree Oil Kill Scabies And Help To Heal Post Scabies Marks.

Tea tree essential oil can be used for scabies in bath. Bathing with tea tree oil while going through anti scabies treatment can help to stop the itching and eliminate skin irritation triggered by this human parasite. Because scabies is very infectious and can be easily transmitted to other people, it is important to start treatment as soon as scabies is detected and the diagnosis is confirmed by your doctor.

Besides adding tea tree oil in bathtub in liquid form, it can be used in form of a cream or lotion. Topical anti scabies products with tea tree or neem oils has higher efficacy than bathing. The skin mites, especially demodex and scabies can go inside hair follicle. Bathing itself may not provide the skin penetration effect. You will need to use natural anti scabies cream that can penetrate the skin barrier, go deep inside the skin pores and kill scabies.Itching skin treatment natural effective products

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