Best Over The Counter Products That Will Kill Scabies, Eliminate Larvae and Eggs And Provide Relief From Itching Skin.

Scabies can infect facial skin as well as hair and scalp. It was said many times in different web Blogs that scabies is contagious and easily transmittable from one individual to another. Treating these tiny, itchy skin mites with permethrin or ivermectin for log time can leave side effects. Chemicals and antibiotics are good and effective but it should not be used for long time because of the side effects. Consult with your doctor about possible side effects.

Using anti scabies cream or lotion with natural ingredients such as: sulfur, neem oil or lemon grass is alternative way to kill the mites and rehabilitate post scabies skin. Natural products, otc cream and lotion can effectively kill skin scabies and provide post scabies recovery process. If the scalp is affected and scabies mites is found in the hair, you should consider using natural shampoo along with anti scabies hair conditioner.

Most otc products (cream, lotion, shampoo) made with strong blend of natural oils, vitamins and minerals. Scabiesin is all natural cream that was specifically formulated to kill scabies and eliminate the skin infection caused by mite without harming, irritating or drying the skin.

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