Few Best Home Recipes With Tea Tree Oil To Help Stop Skin Itching And Kill Scabies Skin Bugs.

Scabies is a transmittable disease that could affect men and women. Extreme itching and skin inflammation are most common symptoms of this skin problem. As opposed to demodex, scabies is extremely contagious. This skin mite can be carried from one individual to the other by skin to skin contact. For that reason, it is important to start treatment right away to kill scabies.

Tea tree oil can be found among anti scabies, natural medications. It can be used in deferent forms to eliminate the skin infection and kill this human skin mite. In case of demodex or scabies the efficacy of tea tree oil is higher when it used in form of a cream or lotion, applied directly on to scabies infected areas of the skin. The cream or lotion with tea tree oil can penetrate the skin barrier, go deep inside the hair follicles and kill the skin bugs. Tea tree oil can be used as addition to a bathing water, with consistency of about 10-15 drops to a bathtub. The tea tree oil bathing method helps to ease the itching but it may not kill the bugs hiding deep in hair follicles and skin pores.

You should never treat scabies or demodex without professional advice. Ask your doctor about the benefits and possible side effects before using tea tree oil or other anti scabies treatments. There are few chemical products, that may be to aggressive for your skin. The tea tree oil itself could give you side effects if used improperly. Scabies is contagious but curable disease. You need to get rid of these bugs and rehabilitate the post scabies skin. Natural – organic or chemical – prescription drugs with less or no side effects is the best way to eliminate scabies and kill the mites.

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