Hi Ovante,

I have been diagnosed with Pre-Rosacea by my dermatologist and recently only came to learn that demodex mites played a part in rosacea.

I wish to try out your products. Can you recommend me a set of Ovante products with routines for treating demodex on my Head + Face + Body? Also, can these products be used long term (Permanently for lifetime even after demodex mites are cured)?




It is common for demodex mites to trigger rosacea. If you were diagnosed with having increased number of demodex mites on your face, head and body, you need to start treatment as soon as possible.

Proper and most effective way to get rid of demodex is to use natural products. Chemicals, steroid creams will not help. We have complete line of anti demodex products.

If your eyes are not affected (you don’t have mites on eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows) than for the face, you need to use Facial cream “Demodex Control” 2 – 3 times a day with very light application. If your symptoms are severe, you might want to concider applying 3 – 4 times a week anti demodex mask “Stop Demodex”.

If the eyes are affected – you need Eyes n Mites lotion.

For Head Demodicosis (when scalp is affected) – you need to use anti demodex shampoo twice a day until symptoms subside. If the symptoms severe – you might want to apply anti demodex oil – Demodex Night Lotion every night.

If demodex spread on to your body, you need to use anti demodex body wash, twice a day while in the shower.

The length of treatment depends on severity of demodex and how long you’ve had the mites. It could take from three to six month to completely get rid of demodex and clear your skin from the mites.

We recommend to continue using our anti demodex products for few more months to make sure that mites are gone.

For complete treatment you need:

Shampoo  8 – 12 bottles 
Conditioner 2 – 4 bottles 
Eyes n Mites – 2 bottles 
Night Oil – 4 bottles 
Body wash – 6 bottles 
Cream Demodex Control 2.0 oz – 3 jars 
Stop Demodex Mask – 2 

You can always start with lower quantity and order more later but must keep in mind shipping time so you won’t run out of the products. Treatment must be consistent, no skipping.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write

Demodex treatment humans body wash lotion kill mites

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