1. I have a blepharitis caused by demodex. All the treatments I’ve read about consist of applying
something (ointment, tea tree pil, etc. ) to the eyelashes. My question is: If Demodex brevis is
located in the Meibomian Glands, how can a treatment for the eyelashes reach them effectively? I believe the Glands are on the inner edge of the eye lid so it should be pretty hard so apply ointment, oil, etc. to this area.

Answer: Demodex Brevis is the smaller skin parasite from Demodex family which exist inside hair follicles and sebaceous glands. If you have the mites on eyelashes and/or eyelids you need to use topical products which can help you to suppress and control the symptoms (itchiness, irritation etc). At the same time you have to look into available options of strengthening your immune system. It is proven fact that these types of skin parasites: Demodex folliculorum and D.Brevis start to multiply without control when and if our immune system fails to protect.

Unfortunately, people who start to experience the presence of demodex mites, begin to search for ways to
kill or to get rid of the parasites completely. By doing so, we use creams, lotions with harsh chemical and/or antibiotics.

This is wrong, and here is why:

Antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals are immunosuppresive. It can be used without harming your skin for 2 – 3 weeks, after that, it will start affecting the immunity. You must realize and understand that almost every human have these tiny mites (Demodex) on the skin. In general, healthy immune system keeps the parasites under control so we don’t feel their presence and most of us don’t even know that there are such things as demodex mites. However, we all age, with age, our metabolism and immunity changes, we go through lot of stress, some people have long lasting health issues etc. – all these and many other factors affect the immunity. When our immune system fails, the mites start to increase their numbers and one day, we start noticing that our face becomes itchy, we feel crawling sensation under the skin, appearance of acne like even though we are adults and so on. Finally, we find out that its is demodex what causes all these symptoms.

At this point: when we start looking for a solution/treatment, majority of people want to “kill of get rid of demodex” right away and this is where it all go wrong! You must not forget that demodex mites are a part
of our skin just like millions and millions different bacteria which we have on the skin. So, trying to kill the mites is a dead end solution. You will only make a condition worse by using harsh chemicals. It will suppress already weak immune system and help the mites to prosper and occupy other parts of human body.

2. I also have a demodex in my ear canal: What can I do to get rid of them?

Answer: If demodex got into ear canal, we suggest to use anti demodex ear drops, look it up on our web site or Google it, it called: Ear n Mites by Ovante Skin Cars. The drops will help with demodex in ear canal.

3. I do have demodex in the hair as well. Is it enough to just shampoo with a normal tea-tree-oil-shampoo every day or does your shampoo work better? Also: Should I avoid using hair gel? I imagine it creates good circumstances (greasy, moist, etc.) for demodex…but the problem is that I’m not really
anxious to not use hair gel anymore…

Answer: Our Demodex Control shampoo works very well on the scalp, however, it depends on the severity of your demodex, in severe form we suggest to use two more anti demodex hair and scalp products/treatments which can be applied on to the scalp after shampooing and conditioning. The use of hair gel is no – no if you want to succeed in demodex treatment. You can look it up on our web site or google: Demodex Control products by Ovante, we have complete line of anti demodex products, for treatment of face, scalp, eyelashes and body.

Demodex treatment humans in Australia New Zealand

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