Demodex Lash And Eyelids Care Products

Demodex Lash And Eyelids Care Products

Ovante Tea Tree Oil Anti-Demodex Eyelid & Facial Cleanser Wash - 4.0 OZ

Cleans deep into skin pores dissolving oil, makeup and other impurities, without irritation and over... ..


Ovante Demodex Control Cleansing Towelettes  

Gentle, non-irritating, sting-free, premium quality cleansing towelettes for Ocular Rosacea, Blepharitis, Dry and Itchy Eyelids, Demodex Enriched... ..


Lids & Lash Lotion - 1.0 oz 

Relief from itching and irritation of the eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows Alleviate Dry Eye, Demodex,... ..


Demodex Eliminating Makeup Remover - 4.0 oz  

While providing excellent benefits of regular makeup remover, it effectively eliminates demodex.  Specifically designed for... ..


Stop Demodex Face Wash Travel Size - 2.0 OZ

Cleanse deep, dissolves oil, makeup and other impurities without irritating and drying problem skin. Washes away... ..


Demodex Eliminating Kit: Make up Remover, Facial Wash, Lids & Lash Lotion. 

FACE  WASH Non-Comedogenic, Non-irritating formula developed by dermatologists for people with Demodex prone, itching and irritated... ..


Hypochlorous Acid Eyelid Spray for Itchy Irritated Eyelids For Rapid Relief - 59 mL  

Pure, gentle 0.01% hypochlorous acid Antimicrobial, preservatives or surfactants free Potent lid and lash cleansing... ..


Ovante Demodex Control Wipes | Lids & Lash Serum | Complete Anti-Demodex Solution.

Two Anti-Demodex products in one bundle. Advanced, Non-Irritating lotion with tea tree and coconut oil for... ..



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