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Demodex Control Regimen For Face Scalp & Body

Demodex control

Originally developed by Ovante, this complete line of skincare products was specifically formulated to control and manage human demodicosis - skin disorder caused by demodex mites.

Demodex mites are microscopic skin parasites that live near or deep inside of the hair follicles of all humans. The life cycle of Demodex is 14 days, therefore, when present in small number, the mites goes by unnoticed. However, when and if the population increases, it becomes noticeable in forms of skin itching, face and body rashes, hair loss, acne and rosacea like symptoms.

If these symptoms left unaddressed, demodex will continue to multiply, transforming from moderate to severe skin issues. It is recommended to see your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Natural essential oils such as tea tree oil, neem oil and lemongrass oil showed high efficacy in providing relief from skin itching and irritation. Demodex Control is a complete line of products specifically developed for face, scalp and body.  These products made with tea tree oil, neem oil and lemongrass oil to provide relief from itching caused by demodex mites.

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Demodex Control Shampoo for Scalp Demodicosis - 6.0 oz

Balances itchy scalp by gently cleansing clogged follicles, removes mites, dirt, oil, and dry skin.... ..


Demodex Control Cream for Face Demodicosis - 0.5 oz

Natural oils help to reduce population of Demodex mites. Provides relief from persistent itching, burning,... ..


Demodex Control Plus Clinical Strength Shampoo - 6.0 oz.  

Daily use of topical vitamin C helps to promote healthy hair.Natural way to defeat demodex. Essential oils helps... ..


Ovante Demodex Control Natural Facial Wash - 4.0 OZ

Cleans, moisturizes, softens and hydrates demodex prone skin. Non-Comedogenic, Non-irritating formula. Formulated with natural anti-demodex... ..


Demodex Mites Cleansing Towelettes for Eyelids, Eyelashes and Sensitive Facial Skin. 

Gentle, non-irritating, sting-free, premium quality cleansing towelettes for Ocular Rosacea, Blepharitis, Dry and Itchy Eyelids, Demodex Enriched... ..


Ovante Extra Strength Face Cream Demodex Control for Severe and Moderate Forms of Face Demodicosis.

Enriched with specifically formulated essential oils and extracts to provide high anti-demodex efficacy. Effectively eliminates... ..


Demodex Control Laundry Additive Eliminates Skin Allergens Left On Bedding and Clothing. 8.0 OZ ( 10 - 12 WASHES )  

Anti Demodex - Eliminates mites, removes mold, mildew, putrid & musty smells. Helps to completely rid the... ..


Ovante Demodex Mites Hair Conditioner for Severe Scalp Itching and Head Demodicosis. - ovante

Demodex Control Hair Conditioner - 6.0 OZ

Formulated to reduce and control demodex, stop hair loss and scalp itching.   Natural, deep... ..

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Ovante Anti-Demodex Set, Two Products For Management And Care of Body Demodicosis: Follicle Mites Control Lotion and Therapeutic Body Wash - 2 X 6.0 oz (360 mL)  

PRODUCT # 1 - BODY WASH is a soapless soap formulation developed to provide relief from itching and... ..


Ovante Demodex Control Face & Body Mask for Sensitive Rosacea and Demodex Prone Skin - 2.0 OZ  

The Mask was specifically formulated against moderate and severe forms of face and body demodicosis.... ..


Ovante Demodex Control Leave On Hair & Scalp Lotion for Head Folliculorum - 8.0 oz.  

Extra strength, anti-demodex, topical, leave on product with Tea Tree Oil that effectively oust mites, eliminate... ..


Ovante Demodex Control Body Wash for Human Demodicosis. - 6.0 oz  

Soothing, antibacterial, anti fungal natural Body Wash formulated with essential oils to provide high efficacy... ..


Ovante Extra Strength Complex of Natural Oils Demodex Control for Head and Scalp Demodicosis (Concentrated) - 2.0 oz 

Concentrated complex of natural oils specifically formulated for Scalp Demodicosis. Leave On product utilizes absolute highest quality... ..


Ovante Demodex Control Eye Care Lotion Eyes n Mites for Eyelids, Eyelashes, Eyebrows. 

Relief from itching and irritation of the eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows Alleviate Dry Eye, Demodex,... ..


Ovante Demodex Control Makeup Remover for Sensitive Demodex Prone Skin - 4.0 oz  

While providing excellent benefits of regular makeup remover, it effectively eliminates demodex mites on face,... ..


Ovante Demodex Control Complete Kit of Skin Care Products for Management of Face Demodicosis in Humans.

Face wash clears sensitive demodex rosacea prone skin, prevents breakouts. Demodex Control Cream alleviates facial... ..


C Booster Facial Serum With Vitamin C & Anti-Demodicosis Oils, Boosts Immunity Of Demodex Prone Skin, Oust Demodex Mites - 1.5 oz  

Positive benefits of topical Vitamin C are well known and widely used for maintaining healthy skin.... ..


Ovante D Cleanser Natural Demodex Mites Face Wash - 4.0 OZ  

Cleans deep into skin pores dissolving oil, makeup and other impurities, without irritation and over... ..


Ovante Demodex Control Body Lotion for Human Demodicosis - 6.0 OZ  

Soothing, anti - demodex body lotion specifically formulated for management of human demodicosis. Uses exclusive... ..


Ovante Demodex Control Ear Drops With Tea Tree Oil - 1.0 OZ  

Muti-purpose, soothing and refreshing ear drops, formulated to relieve itching and irritated ears. Anti bacterial,... ..


Stop Demodex Extra Strength Natural Cleanser Wash for Dry, Itching, Irritating Eyelids, Eyelashes and Face - 2.0 OZ

Cleanse deep, dissolves oil, makeup and other impurities without irritating and drying problem skin. Washes away... ..


Demodex Extra Strength Concentrated Shampoo For Itchy, Flaky, Greasy Scalp - 6.0 oz

Soothing, antibacterial, anti fungal shampoo with essential oils. Thiner than most similar products, the shampoo completely... ..


Demodex Control Complete Eyelids, Eyelashes, Face Care Kit with Make up Remover, Facial Cleanser, Eyes n Mites Lotion. 

FACE  WASH Non-Comedogenic, Non-irritating formula developed by dermatologists for people with Demodex prone, itching and irritated... ..


D'modex® Shampoo For Thinning Hair, Dandruff, Itching Scalp, Head Dermatitis, Demodex Mites - 6.0 oz

Soothing, antibacterial, anti fungal shampoo with essential oils. Thiner than most similar products, the shampoo completely... ..


Demodex Control Complete Kit for Treatment of Demodex Prone Facial Skin, Eyelids & Eyelashes.

FACE  WASH Non-Comedogenic, Non-irritating formula developed by dermatologists for people with Demodex prone, itching and irritated... ..


Stop Demodex Face & Body Mask for Human Demodicosis - 2.0 oz

This extra strength, concentrated face and body mask is specifically formulated anti-demodex product. With sulfur and... ..



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