Question: Just a question - How do you tell or know if you might have these derm mites on your skin or scalp - sometimes it really does feel like I have
creepy crawlys on myself or face or scalp but I do have spots on legs
and buttocks which we think is follicultis???/  Reason all the stuff I
have tried for scalp folliculitis etc does not seem to get rid of it
which got me thinking to mites???? Any suggestions would help - I am currently seeing my Naturopath  tomorrow and I will also ask her???
Can your money back guarantee be granted to me if your product does not
help me in a month - as I have tried so many other products and its
exhausting... and expensive.   If your products do help irradicate this
disease then I will be so helpful in spreading the word about your
products and I also work in a very large medical centre.


The only way to diagnose demodicosis is to take a test.
Because everyone reacts differently to the increased number of demodex mites, it will be difficult to say if you have demodicosis or not.
However, over the last few decades dealing with demodex, we were able to define "Markers" which are still not accurate but could help to separate demodicosis from other skin issues.
1. Demodex mites live only on or near the biggest sebaceous glands ( face, scalp, also could affect eyelashes and eyebrows). The mites feed on sebum.
2. The mites do not like daylight/sunlight therefore, itchiness and irritation intensifies at night or evening hours.
Every other symptom: hair loss, hair follicle inflammation, itchiness, irritation etc, will be a speculation. These symptoms may in fact be related to completely different skin or hair follicle problems.
We do offer a 30 days money back guarantee, we will not refund the cost of shipping, if you decide to return the items, you need to pay the shipping.




Question: Hello, I've been trying the demodex shampoo and conditioner for the past 30 days, using it about every other day. I had a suspicion of demodex but not a diagnosis. How long does it usually take to know if this is addressing the problem? (Which for me is hair loss and itchiness). And, might there be a difference between hair loss while wet vs dry? Oddly, it seems like some days my hair falls out less than usual during the day, but it still sheds as much as ever in the shower. Thanks for your thoughts.


OVANTE: Thank you for your question. If you experience excessive hair loss, i would suggest to seek the advice of your family physician, it is best to determine for sure if it is the demodex mites what causes the itchiness and loss of hair.
You did not mentions anything about our shampoo and conditioner if and how it helps or not to stop the hair loss and itchiness. If it does help then you should continue using it. Normally we suggest to start with one application a day for few days gradually decreasing the application to every other day, every two days etc.
You could also boost the efficacy by adding more products to the scalp regimen.
There are two scalp lotions that we have besides shampoo and conditioner. These products don't need rinsing (Leave In) and must be applied on to your scalp after shampoo and conditioner.


Question: my mother has had itchy scalp for over a year. i found your Ovante Folliculit Scalp line (shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion), purchased it and received it a few days ago. I wash her hair with the shampoo, apply conditioner then apply the scalp lotion while her hair is still wet. we've been doing this daily for 3 days. this regime relieves her itchy scalp for 3-4 hrs but it gets itchy again. she loves the feeling of the scalp lotion. it soothes her itch and makes her head feel good! if i can get her to stop scratching her head, your product might finally heal her. can the scalp lotion be applied more than once a day? if yes, how many times can i apply it in a day?

OVANTE: Yes, you can apply Scalp Lotion 2 - 3 times day for first 5 - 7 days. After that, you can start gradually decreasing the application to twice-once day, every other day etc. It will help tremendously if your mom will stop scratching her head because scratching is irritating. Please let us know should you have other questions and thank you for purchasing Ovante products.